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Werner Leuthe CEO of Old Oak GmbH

Our Philosophy


Since 2004, Werner Leuthe has been producing with Old oak in Bavaria, parquet floors made out of century-old oak wood (old wood from Bavaria). This is not only a wonderful idea of value preservation, but also a sustainable and ecologically sensible way of reclaiming old wood, which helps the old material to shine again.

The rough exterior of the up to 300-year-old oak wood, in addition to the use of parquet floors and planks as exclusive cladding of walls, counters, sideboards, shelves, bedside tables, vanities, dining tables or other furniture for an incomparably charming and luxurious atmosphere.

In order to make use of the old wood stamped by the traces of the time as high-quality parquet planks / parquet, screws and nails must first be removed in a highly time consuming process. With their inimitable shades and branches, these exclusive parquet floors and planks bring the charm of bygone days to today's living rooms.

In order to further enhance their atmospheric charisma, we fill the cracks and notches of the old wood with black, bronze, gold or silver putty, giving floors and rooms a unique character and a unique charisma. Luxurious living created by finishing century-old oak wood.

Old oak in Rosenheim has made it its mission to make sustainability a priority. Because our earth deserves to be mindful. For this reason, we use for our products only noble recycled wood from at least 100 years old oak wood, which undergoes a new reuse with us. In our meanwhile very fast-moving society, old wood is a raw material that corresponds exactly to the opposite and thus conveys value retention and reuse of a very special kind.

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