Inspired by the past

Floors that breathe history

Floors made from antique wood let us relive the past. Being historical witnesses they are telling us fairytales of days long forgotten and stories about certain eras.

Re-using old wood is environmentally friendly

Vintage - or reclaimed wood is derived in hard manual labour from salvaged old buildings: for example the beams in historic barns, stables and mills or from old viaducts or railway sleepers. The valuable wood originates from ancient trees which were taken from the (original) forest many decades if not centuries ago. Vintage wood flooring isn‘t just beautiful to look at but hard wearing as well. In addition, it is  environmentally friendly. Because of the use of recycled wood we can save our natural resources.

Weather-beaten by storm, sun and rain

Depending on previous use or utilisation, with an antique wood floor you can tell it‘s seen a lot of life. Visible tracks and traces, marks of joinery, wood worm marks, tiny cracks … There is this distinct weather beaten look to any vintage wood floor. Each single vintage floor has its own characteristic features which makes them unique antiquities to their owners.

Aesthetics and Perfection

For the Quality Flooring Old Oak is using antique wood, more than 100 years old. It is specifically sourced from buildings dating from the middle of the 19th century. Involving a complex routine, the rare material is dryed, cleaned and finally conditioned for its new intended purpose, partly by hand and partly by machine. The processing is carried out in direct association with architects, designers, constructors and clients and custom-made to fit individual specifications, requirements and requests. In order to achieve the unique natural, warm looking colouring our floors are finished with a special oil combination.

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